Seray Hyundai at 730 Boulevard de Périgny, Chambly, Quebec J3L 1W3

Full information about Establishment and store Seray Hyundai at 730 Boulevard de Périgny, Chambly, Quebec J3L 1W3


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+1 450-658-4482

730 Boulevard de Périgny, Chambly, Quebec J3L 1W3
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  • Lynne Weston
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Manager, Alain Boudrias is rude and impolite. When I asked to have the conversation between him and his employee spoken in English because I could not understand French very well, he refused and continued to speak in French.
    His employee, Charles Desjardins, tricked my mother into paying for things done to her car that were not required. She is 78 years old and does not know anything about cars and unfortunately she is also losing her memory. When speaking with Charles, I specifically requested that he ONLY call her if anything URGENT needed to be done, otherwise to only do the Spring maintenance. But he felt that 2 air filters and antibacterial ventilation treatment along with wipers were urgent, therefore calling her for permission to do them. The car had only been driven a total of 1500 km since last year when they changed the air filter and had the treatment done. Instead of $104.00, she ended up paying a total of $340.00 from her pension for things that were not required. (examples: 30 minutes to change an air filter for $30.00 plus $30.00 for the filter - it takes me 3 minutes to change a filter (on an Accent) and I would have just vacuumed it instead of paying for another. The previous year, they also charged her $45.00 to clean the outside of her car, which my husband does twice a year for her, no charge.)
    My instructions were simple but were not respected and his manager, Alain, does not respect clients wishes also. They make the perfect team.
    I would not recommend anyone to go to this dealer for services, especially if they do not know anything about cars.
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Concessionnaire Hyundai à Chambly (près de Brossard, St-Basile & St-Jean) | Hyundai à vendre à Chambly (près de Brossard, St-Basile & St-Jean)
Concessionnaire Hyundai à Chambly (près de Brossard, St-Basile & St-Jean). Le plus vaste choix de Hyundai à vendre près de Chambly (près de Brossard, St-Basile & St-Jean)! Hyundai neuves et usagées à vendre.

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